FF Artificial Jungle Cock

78,00 kr
Pris inkl. moms, exkl. leverans

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These Jungle Cock subs we have been working on a couple of years now. The hard part was to find the way to lazer cut theme so they would be very thind in the "stem" just like a nautral feather, and we found the way:-) They are made of one layer very strong fabric and are moving very well in the water. They vill never split in 2 We made them in 4 size, and packed them with 48 eyes in each pack. And there will be few medium in the Large, and few small in the Medium, so you get some different sizes in one pack.

Urval: FF Artificial Jungle Cock

Produktnr Stl Status Pris
FFJC-0075 Small/Medium
78,00 kr *
FFJC-0076 Medium/Large
78,00 kr *
* Priser inkl. moms, exkl. leverans
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